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Write a paper in the form of a “cultural biography” or the examination of a particular event. 

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Write a paper in the form of a “cultural biography” or the examination of a particular event.  
Students pursuing the biography option are asked to analyze an important moment in a particular person’s life explaining its significance.  If focusing on an event, students should develop the event desсrіptively and write about its historic significant.  Papers of this type are to really on biographical sources, monographs, and historical overviews where necessary.   
Papers should pursue a line of argument and explain historical significance.  The task of the writer is to make it clear why this person or moment in history is important.
And the topic/person I’m doing is Maria Stewart, specifically when she spoke in Boston in 1832
Papers are to 4-5 pages in body length.  Papers exceeding this length will have points deducted.  A properly formatted bibliography (Chicago/Turabian) must be included, but does not count towards your page total.  All papers must contain a minimum of 10 total unique sources (primary and secondary); at least one of these and no more than three must be general reference works (encyclopedias or dictionaries).  Secondary works (monographs, historical overviews, journal articles, etc.) will shape a substantial part of your work; however, in some cases any historiographical considerations may not guide your analysis throughout in obvious ways.  Final papers must date, and a thoughtful title on the first page, followed by the body of the paper (no title page covers).  Following pages must be numbered and the paper must be turned in as a hard copy.  All papers must employ footnotes or endnotes (10pt font) utilizing Chicago/Turabian style.  Please note the difference in format between citations and bibliography.  They are not the same and points will be deducted on the final paper for errors.  
Students are to explore any significant topic of their interest related to US history up to and through the year 1860.  Remember the more restrained your proposed topic of study is, the greater likelihood of success.  contain a header that includes your name,
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