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Write three (3) emails: subject, salutation, body, cta, signoff, etc. 3 versions

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Write an Influencer Creative Brief and an Email + DM outreach for FIDM
You are Hired! You are Now the Social Media Manager / Head Of Influencer Outreach For FIDM DUE WEEK FIVE
It is your job to develop a PR/Influencer concept FIDM for Holiday. Draft these three (3) Things:
Creative Brief that would be sent to Influencers
DM outreach that would be sent to a specific Influencer (hint, you must use their name and include their @handle)
Email outreach that would be sent to an Influencer (hint, you must use their name and include their real email address)
For the Creative Brief Template, see pages 72-97 in our Week 4 Lecture Notes. For the Email and DM, see pages 68, 69 as examples.
WRITE THREE (3) EMAILS: subject, salutation, body, CTA, signoff, etc.
3 VERSIONS Email a professor asking for help in a persuasive way (remember: Aristotle?)
Email a dream ”mentor”, and ask them for a coffee / review of portfolio / or in-person mentor or something like that.
Email a boss regarding your latest project.
HINTS: remember persuasive writing tips from Week 1 – build a connection with your contact. Write concisely and clearly.
Also, be sure to use their name and/or title for personalization and authenticity – we do not want to sound like a spam bot. Each of your emails should feel REAL and PERSONAL and COMPELLING. 10 points per email.

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