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Writing assignment: Visual Art (10 points) ART writing assignment Selec

by | Aug 27, 2022 | Other | 0 comments

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Writing assignment: Visual Art (10 points)
ART writing assignment

Select 2 artists from the list below.
Only artists from this list are eligible for this assignment.
For each artist, answer each of the following 5 questions.
Number your answers 1 to 3
Please restrict your answers to only what is asked
2 points will be deducted if the proper format is not used

Marina Abramović
Francis Bacon
Jean Michel Basquiat
Romare Bearden
Marc Chagall
Andy Goldsworthy
Hannah Höch
David Hockney
Edward Hopper
Frida Kahlo
Wassily Kandinsky
Käthe Kollwitz
Yayoi Kusama
Faith Ringgold
Diego Rivera
Norman Rockwell
Betye Saar
Robert Smithson
Kay WalkingStick
Andrew Wyeth
1.Artist name, Date of birth, Place of birth (1 pt.)
2.Style and primary materials this artist uses (1pt.)
3.Find one work of art on the internet by the artist (3pt total)
Direct link to the work (.5 pt.)
Title, Size, material (1 pt.)
In your own words, describe the work’s content (message or story) (1.5 pt.)

Term clarification

Style can refer to a movement or group of artists. Style can encompass the principles about form and appearance shared within a certain culture or era. Examples of style might be Surrealism, Impressionism, or Modernism (Reference: Chapter 4 page 106-107)

Materials (sometimes referred to as an artist’s medium) refers to the materials used such as paint, metals, printmaking….

(Reference: Chapter 5 page 129- The Meaning of Art)
Beyond just the images that are portrayed in the work, content refers to the story it’s trying to tell- or the feelings it aims to solicit from the viewer.

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