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Written Assignments for SW 5201: The first written assignment is worth 100 point

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Social Work | 0 comments

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Written Assignments for SW 5201:
The first written assignment is worth 100 points–25% of your grade and asks that you articulate your
understanding of specific themes and concepts presented in the course lecture, discourse and readings
specific to engagement practices, PIE theory and practice, and identifying risk factors and legal and
ethical issues.
Please answer the following short answer essay questions and vignettes in 2-3 pages.
1. What is meant by “person-in-environment”? (20 points)
2. What are the components of the problem-solving approach? (20 points)
3. Based on the following vignettes, please indicate any potential risk factors you would assess and
address with client including any legal and ethical issues/concerns. (30 points each vignette)
Vignette #1: You have recently been assigned a new client who is a walk-in client seeking counseling
services. During the intake interview, she initially is hesitant to disclose about her current partner,
repeatedly stating that she is there for herself and does not need couple’s counseling. She eventually
discloses that she has been with current partner since moving to L.A. from Oregon, 2 years ago and
recently learned she is 2 months pregnant. She reports having no social support (other than partner) and
has been feeling overwhelmed and stressed since learning about pregnancy. She is financially reliant on
partner as she has been recently laid off and admits that since being laid off, she has been feeling sad on
most days and has not been able to look for employment.
Vignette #2: You’ve been asked to see David, who was referred by his doctor due to concerns that his
depression will compromise his ability to take his medication as prescribed. David is a 31 year old
Latinx who identifies as a gay male who tested HIV+ 8 years ago. Last month he was diagnosed with
AIDS after a ten day hospitalization for an opportunistic infection. David tells you that he has been able
to work half days until recently, but now feels too weak to continue and is thinking about giving notice.
He tells you that he’s had many losses, including his partner who died last year and a close friend who
passed away 6 weeks ago. He mentions that he feels like there’s no point in going on.

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