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Your Research Proposal two people viewing computer monitorThis is the official “

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Your Research Proposal
two people viewing computer monitorThis is the official “Request for Proposal.”
Length: 8 to 11 pages not including title page
Margins: 1 inch per side
Spacing: double-space for normal text, while tables and reference list are single-spaced
Normal Font: Times Roman 12 point, Arial 12 point or Courier New 12 point
Cover page: includes title, author, institution
Content sections: at least the following sections must be included, although your titles may vary.
Establishment of the problem or research question.
Literature review.
Hypothesis, if it is a quantitative study; if it is descriiptive or qualitative, define study objectives only.
Research design, with brief descriiption (e.g.: say not only “this will be a quasi-experimental study” or “this is an ethnographic study”; state also the reasons for this design). Clearly identify your sampling method and explain why you selected this.
Data gathering procedures, with example of instrument(s) if possible (the instruments samples usually go as appendixes).
Consideration of ethical issues.
Quantitative studies: statistical analysis; describe what statistical procedures you will use and for what. Qualitative studies: what procedures you will use for analysis, categories (e.g.coding system).
References, listed in alphabetical order. Only references cited in text are used.
Appendixes: additional elements such as instruments, forms and letters.
Grammar and style norms: APA Style (see references in Module 06 content)
Written in future tense, and impersonal; as if the study would be performed after approval of the proposal.
References: at least 10 scholarly references cited in text.
Research Proposal Checklist
List of Questions for Undergraduate-Level Research Proposal

1) Is the problem or research question clearly identified? Is the basic research problem well formulated, or is it poorly and vaguely structured? Is it stated in a few clear sentences?
2)Has the area of concern regarding the problem been identified; i.e. has the need that exists to research the problem been clarified?
3) Does the literature review provide an adequate theoretical framework for the study? Have relevant sources been used to identify the problem?
4) Is the literature review oriented to identify the background and rationale for the problem, or it is just a perfunctory list of authors and quotes?
5) Does the literature review utilize a minimum of ten scholarly (academic) sources?
6) Has a suitable hypothesis(es) been formulated (quantitative research), or has a suitable research purpose (qualitative research) been stated?
7) Have the variables in the hypotheses been operationally defined (quantitative research)? Have the key concept(s) of the study been defined in an acceptable manner (qualitative research)?
8) Have been established objectives for the study? e.g.: What will be obtained as outcome? How will the results be used?
9) Is the project and research design well structured and outlined, or is it poorly articulated?
10) Has the research methodology been clearly defined? Would anyone with general knowledge of research methods be able to identify what type of study is this?
11) Is there a clear correspondence between the stated aims of the research and the chosen methodology?
12) Have the measurement procedures and/or instruments to be used been identified (quantitative research)? Have the data-gathering procedures and/or qualitative instruments to be used been identified?
13) Have the sampling methodology and data collection steps adequately clarified?
14) Is there an indication about how the data will be analyzed, either quantitative or qualitative or both? Are these procedures appropriate to the aims of the research?
15) Is the proposal appropriately written in APA style regarding sections, headings/subheadings, citations, figures, tables, and references?
16) Are paragraphs well structured in the sense of presenting a main idea and developing it?
17) Has the proposal being carefully reviewed in terms of spelling, grammar and word choice?
18) Have the necessary tools (e.g. survey, interview questions) been included as an appendix?
19) Has an informed consent form been included as an
Course source: The Basics of Social Research by Earl Babbie 7th edition

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