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Your submission should be in APA format with a title page and reference page. H

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Your submission should be in APA format with a title page and reference page.
Here is a sample format to use when completing your assignment:
1. First Page (include Title of Assignment, Name, Broward College, Course Name, and Date)
2. Second Page (include the Interview questions as seen below)
Teacher Interview: (Last name only for the Teacher you interviewed)
Years of experience
Grade level taught
Relevant school-related information
Interview Questions: (Please include the following format for the Question & Answer)
Q1. What are the required reading assessments in your classroom?
A:Diagnostic test, 3 of them the first one is a baseline given at the beginning of the year, then one in the middle and another at the end. This is one way we check progress.
Q2. Do you use any additional assessments?
A: Another additional assessments include regular unit tests and vocabulary tests throughout the year.
Q3. What reading program or curriculum do you use with your students?
A: I-Ready through curriculum associates is a program we use at this school.
Q4. Does your school have a resource room or collection with leveled texts?
A: The school does not have a resource room, but each individual teacher do keep a small library within their classroom, and use common lit for level text passage and reading.
Q5. What type of family involvement program is used in your classroom or for the school?
A: We have I-Ready family, which connects parent and the community to help them educated themselves on I-Ready and show them how the process work, and also how to understand what the report means.
Q6. How do you organize your reading block?
A: Reading block is 90 mins and it is composed of lesson plans of the I do, you do, we do process. Also small group learning, as well as teacher lead.
Q7. What do you (or your school) do to enhance student motivation to read?
A:We have literacy week, which focuses on books that are towards the students interest and genre. We also use real life example to show connection between the character in the books and the students.
Q8. What is the most challenging aspect of teaching reading?
A:Motivation is always a challenge, also in south Florida the language barrier and background knowledge of the students, since a lot of students don’t really travel outside of their community.
Q9. How does RTI (Response to Intervention) look like in your school/district?
A: RTI students are place in a progressive monitoring aside from the tiers and work in small groups. Also growth monitoring plan that involves the parent, teacher, and counselors conferences.
Q10. What kind of reading professional development is available for the teachers in this school?
A: We have different professional development opportunities throughout the year to help focus on reading strategies, cross curricular, and lesson plans.
3. Third Page (one-page reflection on the interview and your educational beliefs)
4. Fourth Page (references that you may have used from the textbook to support your reflection page)
5. Fifth Page. Read,4%20Highly%20conscientious%20and%20resourceful.%20More%20items…%20
Write one-paragraph comment (5-7 sentences) discussing the characteristics that make up an effective teacher.

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